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“Electrician near Greenwich” is a electrical service company with a team of certified NICEIC electricians. We are situated in Greenwich, London and we are a trusted name for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Electrical Services.

List of Services

Additional Sockets
We can advise and assist you on increase the number of sockets in any room. We can convert single sockets into double and we can make them surface-mounted or flush-mounted.
Distribution Board Installations
We are well capable of wiring and installing distribution boards. Once installed we can provide part P certification
Complete & Partial Rewiring
If you are renovating your home, you might need a complete rewiring of your electrical system. Additionally, we also provide partial rewiring services for replacing or upgrading a small sections of your installation .
Consumer Unit Replacements
You might need to replace your consumer unit due to various reasons like government regulations or home expansions. We are here to assist you in replacing and installing the right consumer unit in such scenarios.
Cooker Points
If you are using an electric cooker then you must have cooker points installed in your homes to isolate the heavy load of an electric cooker, from other electrical appliances. This is recommended for safety and maintenance purposes.

According to UK legislation, you must comply with the Electrical Installation Condition Report or EICR Inspections. Our experienced and qualified electricians will carry out these assessments on your behalf.

Earthing Ports & Bonding
Our electricians are focused on ensuring your safety and that is why we take every measure to reduce the risk of electric shocks. We can also repair any faulty earthing systems.
Electric Heaters
We can install both types of heaters in your homes. Electric room heaters and electric water heaters.We can also guide you through selecting the most energy-efficient electric heaters.
Electric Radiators
Nowadays, modern electric radiators use thermal fluid or dry elements as heat sources. Our services include installation of such radiators in addition to repair and maintenance of any electric radiators.
Electrical Fault Finding
Our team of expert electricians will collect any evidence of electrical faults and locate the fault. Next, they will determine and remove the cause and recheck the system if it is working properly. Finally.
Emergency 24 Hour Service
The perks of enlisting us as your trusted local electricians are that we provide 24-hour emergency services to our clients. Our electricians are always happy to serve you no matter how small your requirement is.
Emergency Lighting
In addition to residential electrical support, we also have electricians who specialise in the commercial sector. Installation, maintenance, and repair of emergency lighting is one of these services provided by our commercial electricians
External Lighting
External lighting can be used in both residential and commercial projects. Our professional electricians can safely install any sort of outdoor lighting like pool lighting without mitigating the outlook
Fuse Box Replacements
Fuse Box Replacements can be difficult for many as the required components are hard to find nowadays. But we can provide you with a cost-efficient service to replace your old fuse box with a new distribution board.
Fused Spurs
We can install fused spurs to isolate to ensure isolation from your main electricity supply. We can also replace or carry out maintenance for fused spurs when required
Garden Lighting
Beautify your gardens with some outdoor lighting. You can put on some accent lighting to elevate the ambiance of your garden. Just leave it to us to install it for you!
Heating Controls
Regulate your room temperature by installing thermostats or heat controlling panels. We are here to assist you in installing these devices at your required spots
Lighting Installations
We also assist you to install the lights as a part of our service package. If you already have a lighting design layout, then we can also install the lighting according to those guidelines
Lighting-Low Voltage
You might require Low Voltage Lighting to accentuate certain features of your rooms. We can do that for you using a transformer to reduce normal line voltage.
Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
Although Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is not mandatory it is still a good practice. So we can carry out PAT to reduce the chances of accidental injury due to faulty electronics.
Power Shower Installations
Power showers can be extremely useful if you are facing problems with low water pressure. We can convert your normal shower to power showers if required.
Over time, you might need to rewire your house. You might also need to upgrade or replace your wiring system. If you are renovating or redesigning your home then you shall need it too. Moreover, rewiring is also necessary for commercial and industrial properties from time to time. We provide this service in the most cost-efficient methods for you.
Security Lighting
Security lighting is extremely popular on all premises. Be it residential or commercial. We provide a complete package of installing, inspecting, and upgrading security lighting at your properties
We provide you with the best sockets in the market at a competitive price. We also assist you to plan the layout of socket placement in your rooms.
We provide you with the best sockets in the market at a competitive price. We also assist you to plan the layout of socket placement in your rooms.
We shall provide you with the most durable switches. At the same time, we shall take into account the aesthetics of the switches that we recommend. Our services include the installation, repair, and replacement of all electrical switches.
Testing & Inspections
Apart from EICR and PAT, we also carry out other electrical testing at residential, commercial, and industrial sites. We provide our observations, recommendations, and corrective actions to you for your future reference.
Towel Rails
We can install and repair electric towel rails in your washrooms. We can also recommend or assist you to select the best model of electric towel racks for you.
Water Heaters
We shall install the best water heaters for you according to your water consumption. We can also troubleshoot and repair any water heater for you.

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