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“Electrician near Greenwich” is an all-inclusive electrical service company in Greenwich, London. At our company, we are a family of experienced and certified electricians capable of providing both, Residential and Commercial electrical services.

Our Scope of Services ranges from
Residential Services
Lighting Installations,Electric Heaters, Power Shower Installations
Commercial Services

Switches, Heating Controls, Heating Controls

Industrial Services

Additional Sockets, Distribution Board Installations

Additional Sockets
We can advise and assist you on increase the number of sockets in any room. We can convert single sockets into double and we can make them surface-mounted or flush-mounted.
Distribution Board Installations
We are well capable of wiring and installing distribution boards. Once installed we can provide part P certification
Complete & Partial Rewiring
If you are renovating your home, you might need a complete rewiring of your electrical system. Additionally, we also provide partial rewiring services for replacing or upgrading a small sections of your installation .
Consumer Unit Replacements
You might need to replace your consumer unit due to various reasons like government regulations or home expansions. We are here to assist you in replacing and installing the right consumer unit in such scenarios.
Cooker Points
If you are using an electric cooker then you must have cooker points installed in your homes to isolate the heavy load of an electric cooker, from other electrical appliances. This is recommended for safety and maintenance purposes.

According to UK legislation, you must comply with the Electrical Installation Condition Report or EICR Inspections. Our experienced and qualified electricians will carry out these assessments on your behalf.

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